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Look out for the #outreach tag!

On the last week of April 2017, I’ll be writing one post per day on relevant topics in HEP. The links will become live in time:

  • Monte Carlo Monday : what are Monte Carlo samples and why do we need them? Learn how to use simulated data to hunt for new particles.
  • TeV scale Tuesday : why are we so bothered with energy scales and why is now a crucial time in particle physics? Also, what even is a “TeV”?
  • Will we find new physics Wednesday : between tantalizing hints and a plain discovery desert, where are we going? (warning : completely subjective!)
  • Three minute thesis Thursday : a note on the TMT initiative, and my attempt at a (very) simplified explanation of my thesis.
  • Fast Chain Friday : between state-of-the-art computing and that’s-good-enough-for-me physicists, how do plan on running LHC analysis in the future?
  • Symmetry breaking Saturday : what are symmetries and why do they break? Learn why that’s not actually so bad (involves a glass of water and the Higgs boson).
  • Supersymmetry Sunday : building on the posts of the previous days, how can we motivate supersymmetry (SUSY for friends) and look for it at the LHC?