Here you can find a selection of my talks at conferences, workshops and seminars since early 2019. Most of them are unfortunately restricted to members of the ATLAS Collaboration, but I might try to summarise their contents in future blogposts!

  • Jan 2020, ATLAS UK Workshop (Cambridge): Rare top processes ATLAS-only link
  • Oct 2019, HEP Seminar (Sheffield): Machine learning for collider physics link
  • Sep 2019, ATLAS SUSY Workshop (Lecce): Unfolded measurements in SUSY signal and control regions ATLAS-only link
  • Jul 2019, ATLAS UK Top Workshop (Sussex): Full Run 2 differential measurement of the cross section ATLAS-only link
  • May 2019, ATLAS Top Workshop (Frascati): Inclusive and differential measurements of the cross section with the full Run 2 ATLAS dataset ATLAS-only link
  • Apr 2019, DIS XXVII (Torino): Top quark pair properties & top mass measurements at the LHC link
  • Apr 2019, APP/HEPP IoP Conference (Imperial College): Prospects for measurements at ATLAS with the full LHC Run 2 dataset link
  • Feb 2019, ATLAS Workshop (CERN): Unfolding techniques for the differential analysis ATLAS-only link
  • Jan 2019, YETI 2019 (Durham): organised this PhD winter school (theme: new techniques for new physics) link

Undated and ATLAS-restricted, but will try to write about them: