1. Review : top quark couplings

    With my first year as a PhD student at the University of Sheffield slowly coming to an end (well, it’s been 8 months), I had to give a Literature Review to the HEP group today. …

  2. QCD without the top quark? (Part 2)

    Some time ago I wrote about doing QCD without the top quark. Now we go one step further and consider weak interactions. …

  3. Fast Chain Friday

    This is Day 5 of my outreach week challenge : between state-of-the-art computing and that’s-good-enough-for-me physicists, how do plan on running LHC analysis in the future?

  4. Three Minute Thesis Thursday

    This is Day 4 of my outreach week challenge : a note on the TMT initiative, and my attempt at a (very) simplified explanation of my thesis.

  5. Will we find new physics Wednesday

    This is Day 3 of my outreach week challenge : between tantalizing hints and a plain discovery desert, where are we going?

  6. TeV Scale Tuesday

    This is Day 2 of my outreach week challenge : why are we so bothered with energy scales and why is now a crucial time in particle physics? Also, what even is a TeV?

  7. Monte Carlo Monday

    This is Day 1 of my outreach week challenge : what are Monte Carlo samples and why do we need them? Learn how to use simulated data to hunt for new particles.

  8. Using plugins with Jekyll and gh-pages

    As you may have noticed, this website is powered by Jekyll and hosted on GitHub Pages. It’s fun, it’s easy, it’s dynamic, but there’s a catch - plugins. …

  9. PHY421 Electron-Positron annihilation using trace techniques

    These are notes for a PHY421 tutorial, essentially mirroring the discussion in Thomson’s Modern Particle Physics (middle sections of chapter 6), to complement the derivation (in terms of the explicit spinors and Clifford representations) in Prof. Costanzo’s lecture notes.

  10. My very first hackathon!

    Today, as part of the ATLAS Software & Computing Week - a long series of meetings where virtually every working group involved to some degree in the compsci affairs of ATLAS present their latest developments, brainstorm, set deadlines and consume gargantuan amounts of coffee - I was involved in a hackathon. Which I think is pretty cool (but maybe that’s just me). …